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Prior to conducting renovation or demolition activities, it is required that building owners confirm the absence of asbestos on their property. EHSP can help by providing asbestos bulk sample testing for businesses and homeowners in Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa. Testing can be ordered by completing the form below – indicate your contact information, the number of samples to be tested, the location the samples were collected, and desired turnaround time. They can then be dropped off at any of our Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa locations. After analysis, EHSP will e-mail you a report detailing on our findings.

  • Regular Turnaround (3-5 working days)
    • First Sample: $105.00 + GST
    • Additional Samples: $55.00 + GST
  • Rush Turnaround (24 hours)*
    • First Sample: $125.00 + GST
    • Additional Samples: $75.00 + GST

*Please note that next day sample results are only applicable if samples are received Mondays through Thursdays. For 24 hour turnaround samples received on Fridays, the sample results will be sent out on Monday.

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Collecting Asbestos Bulk Samples

Per the United States Environmental Protection Agency Procedures for Sampling of Asbestos in the Laboratory Services and Applied Science Division, 2013 and the Alberta Asbestos Abatement Manual, 2019

When collecting bulk samples, it is important to avoid contamination and disruption of the material being sampled. Below, we have provided a guideline on how to safely collect asbestos samples for bulk testing.

  • Ensure that the area is not occupied when collecting the sample.
  • Use a NIOSH approved respirator when collecting multiple samples. 
  • Clean the sampling tool with water after every sample is collected.
  • Avoid touching the material being sampled with your hands.
  • Spray the material with a light mist of water. This prevents any suspected asbestos fibres from flying off the area.
  • Take a representative sample from within the material by penetrating the entire depth of the suspected asbestos material. The same material may have been applied in more than one layer or covered with paint or another protective coating.
    • A representative sample generally adheres to the following measurement guidelines:
      • Vermiculite: Collect 3 1-liter bags full of vermiculite. This is to prevent a false negative result with the laboratory.3
      • For more information vermiculite sample collection, please refer to the US Environmental Protection Agency page.
      • Other building materials (e.g. floor tile, ceiling tile, drywall joint compound, siding, etc.): Sample collected must be about 1.75” x 1” (about the size of half a credit card).
  • Place the samples in sealable, impervious containers and label them. Include the following information:
    • Type of sample (e.g. floor tile)
    • Location where sample was taken (e.g. master’s bedroom)
  • Enclose or encapsulate the space left after sampling to reduce the chance of airborne exposure.
  • Do not disturb the sampled material during the sampling process.
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