With businesses returning to the new normal, one of the primary concerns is how to keep employees, clients, and the community safe and healthy in the midst of COVID-19. To help business owners plan for the safe return to healthy workplaces, we are proud to present this speaker series. Framed around the concept of integrated worker health, we discuss the need for a more holistic view on safety, risk assessment and communication, and exposure control.

Part 1: Integrated Worker Health

Glyn Jones, Industrial Hygienist and Senior Partner at EHSP, introduces the series with a discussion on what integrated worker health is and why it is important to consider not only the physical hazards that COVID-19 presents, but also employees’ mental wellness, work-life balance, and healthy relationships.

Part 2: Exposure Control and Risk Communication

Spencer Matthes, EHSP Calgary’s Senior Industrial Hyenist, builds on the information provided in Part 1 of this speaker series to talk about how we can evaluate and control the hazards related to COVID-19 and communicate the risk.

Part 3: Surface Cleaning and Disinfection

Robbie Carrozza, EHSP’s Edmonton-based Senior Industrial Hygienist, goes into detail on cleaning and disinfecting methods for various surfaces. He also discusses how to conduct confirmatory testing to ensure that the cleaning methodologies are effective.