In 2020, EHSP Winnipeg was awarded a grant by the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba to help reduce machine incidents in the province by elevating the proper use of the hierarchy of controls. The two-year project was to work with organizations to show them their reliance on less effective controls (e.g. procedures) and move them towards the more effective controls (e.g. elimination of hazards). Part of the scope was the development of a five-part series of videos defining the hierarchy of controls, giving examples of their usage, and describing how they can be assessed.

Chapter 1: Hierarchy of Controls

Describes the heirarchy of controls, how it works, and why the hierarchy is important in machine guarding and risk management.

Chapter 2: Controls Examples

Provides examples from each level of the hierarchy of controls.

Chapter 3: Using the Hierarchy of Controls

Learn how to effectively use the heirarchy to ensure that you have the appropriate machine guarding set up.

Chapter 4: Let’s Do an Audit

Now that you know about the heirarchy of controls, let’s audit some equipment.

Chapter 5: What We’ve Learned

A recap of what we learned and some last messages on machine guarding.