Machine safeguarding assessments are for companies who are aware of specific machines that need attention. It ensures that companies are in line with the requirements set by CSA Z432:16 Safeguarding of Machinery. Our reports will provide an in-depth understanding of your machine’s hazards and the solutions that fit within your production requirements. This saves you time, money, and possible future injuries.

How it Works

  1. We provide a fully detailed flat rate proposal.
  2. Upon approval of the proposal, we will book a time to complete a detailed onsite assessment of the following activities:
    • Observation of the machines in use by your employees.
    • Completion of the risk assessment with input from your employees to document hazards.
    • Observation of the production flow and requirements.
    • Observation and testing of machine controls and safeguarding to assess compliance with CSA Z432 safeguarding requirements.
  3. Develop and present the report detailing our assessment and recommend solutions to meet provincial requirements.
  4. Proceed with recommendations on your own or have us do the complete design and install for you.


  • Onsite assessment allows for a firsthand understanding of the machines’ functions, existing hazards, and potential hazards.
  • Multiple safeguarding solutions are presented.
  • Hazards and solutions are documented in a detailed and easy to understand report.
  • Certified by a professional engineer.
  • Reports provide a step-by-step process to reach compliance.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or at 1.877.243.6838.

WESguard Academy Series

Chapter 1: Hierarchy of Controls

Describes the heirarchy of controls, how it works, and why the hierarchy is important in machine guarding and risk management.

Chapter 2: Controls Examples

Provides examples from each level of the hierarchy of controls.

Chapter 3: Using the Hierarchy of Controls

Learn how to effectively use the heirarchy to ensure that you have the appropriate machine guarding set up.

Chapter 4: Let’s Do an Audit

Now that you know about the heirarchy of controls, let’s audit some equipment.

Chapter 5: What We’ve Learned

A recap of what we learned and some last messages on machine guarding.

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