Chromium VI

Chromium VI Consulting

Hexavalent Chromium (Chromium VI) is a compound used in and produced by industrial processes such as welding, metal finishing, metal chrome plating, stainless steel production, paint manufacturing, leather tanning, wood preservation, printing, and textile manufacturing. While it serves many purposes in the industrial sector, long-term exposure to high levels of Chromium VI can be harmful to workers’ health.

Chromium VI has been labeled as toxic and carcinogenic by Environment Canada and Health Canada. Health effects related to prolonged and unsafe exposure to Chromium VI include:

  • Irritation or damage to the upper and lower respiratory tract due to inhalation of airborne Chromium VI dust, fumes, or mist;
  • Lung, nasal, and sinus cancer;
  • Irritation or damage to the eyes and skin due to direct contact with high levels of Chromium VI; and
  • Other diseases related to the stomach, liver, and kidneys due to accidental ingestion.

Due to its harmful properties, it is important to manage work processes surrounding Chromium VI throughout its life cycle. EHSP offers a full range of Chromium VI consulting services to help minimize releases to the environment and control occupational exposure.

Our Industrial Hygienists can provide the following services:

  • Risk analysis
  • Service testing
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Controls and work procedure development
  • Clean up and decontamination
  • Training

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