LEED Consulting

LEED Support

EHSP can help clients achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for new, renovated, or existing buildings. We support property owners with their goal to use and maintain sustainable green building and development practices through our range of consulting services and ability to provide a customized final product. The services we offer include:

1. Indoor Air Quality Services

  • LEED NC/EB EQ Prerequisite 1 – Minimum IAQ performance
  • LEED NC EQ Credit 1 – CO2 monitoring
  • LEED NC EQ Credit 2 – Ventilation effectiveness
  • LEED NC EQ Credit 3 – Testing before occupancy
  • LEED NC/EB EQ Credit 7/2 – Thermal comfort
  • LEED EB EQ Credit 1 – Outdoor air delivery monitoring

2. Audits and Assessments

  • LEED EB MR Credit 6 – Waste stream audit
  • LEED EB EQ Credit 2 – Occupant survey
  • LEED EB EQ Credit 3 – Custodial effectiveness assessment

3. Management Plan Development

  • LEED EB EQ Credit 1 – IAQ management program
  • LEED EB EQ Credit 1 – IAQ management for facility alterations and additions

4. Identification of asbestos-containing materials

5. Identification of lead-based paint

6. Professional documentation