Mould and Fungal Consulting

EHSP offers a wide range of mould and fungal consulting services. With a good understanding of building science, we help our clients with any suspected mould issues by collecting factual data through:

  • Air Sampling and analysis
  • Moisture measurements
  • Relative humidity and temperature measurements
  • Infrared thermography
  • Bulk and surface sampling and analysis
  • Semi and non-destructive testing

We also offer services that complement our assessment services:

  • Consultation in the design and construction phases of new and renovation building projects
  • Development of mould management programs
  • Critical prioritizing of building, environmental, and behavioural conditions
  • Risk communication presentations
  • Mould awareness and remediation training
  • Remediation design, specification, and tender services
  • Remediation inspection and testing services

EHSP has been an avid contributor to the collective knowledge of mould in Canada. Our personnel have conducted mould studies, participated in the development of current industry standards,  and completed thousands of mould assessments in a variety of small and large settings throughout Canada.