After a three-year hiatus, EHSP brought back one of its most important traditions: the Employee Service Awards Recognition Ceremony. Each EHSP office held its own awarding ceremony in April 2023. The award recognized employees who reached specific service milestone levels with EHSP.

The service milestones levels are as follows:

  • 2 Years: It takes at least two years for an employee to become a fully competent and contributing member of the team.
  • 5 Years: This symbolizes the first few steps taken on the journey towards becoming a leader of the ranks.
  • 10 Years: This recognizes the employees who have stayed the course and have shown the leadership necessary to become a significant part of the company’s past and future.
  • 15 years: A new service milestone as EHSP enters its 18th year in business, this celebrates the sentinels of EHSP. They have grown with the company and now occupy senior leadership roles. They were the ones who helped build the basis of who EHSP is and are central in shaping who EHSP will become.

Nineteen employees received service awards this year:

  • 9 in the 2-year category
  • 3 in the 5-year category
  • 3 in the 10-year category
  • 4 in the 15-year category

For a smaller organization like EHSP and during a time when “moving on” is the norm, it is truly special to be able to recognize this many employees.

The service awards tradition started in 2015, the year EHSP celebrated its ten-year anniversary. Senior Partner Glyn Jones said then, “As a company just out of the start-up phase, it is important to acknowledge the hard work our employees have put in.” Eight years later in 2023, EHSP still strongly believes in the importance of gathering as a group and celebrating co-workers and their many contributions.

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