An Update on Our Services

During this coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, EHS Partnerships Ltd. (EHSP) offers both specialized and our regular services to clients and our community. As health and safety consultants, we can help manage the risks and respond to the rapidly changing conditions.

Our Services in Response to COVID-19

Based on a review of our clients’ needs and current government directives, we offer the following services to address COVID-19 specific concerns:

  • Review of site-specific conditions and preparation of scopes of work for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Assist building owners, property managers, and all contractors with selection of proper personal protective equipment (PPE), respiratory fit testing, and training associated with the use of N95 and other respirators.
  • Provide guidance and procedures for cleaning and disinfection of worksites which includes, but may not be limited to:
    • Development of cleaning and disinfection strategies based on current guidelines;
    • Recommendations of proper safe hygiene practices; and
    • Proper decontamination techniques for workers and their equipment, including handling and cleaning of respirator protective equipment.
  • Provide recommendations on medical monitoring of employees such as temperature readings and other related symptoms.

Changes in Selected Services

In compliance with guidance from government offices and updated best practices, we are modifying the way some of our services are currently being offered. These include the following:

  • Certificate of Recognition (COR) Audits: As per the Alberta Certifying Partners and the Partnerships in Injury Reduction, documentation only audits are now valid to maintain or renew a COR. This will be in effect until December 31, 2020. More information here.
  • Asbestos Courses and Re-certification: To encourage minimizing contact between people, our asbestos courses scheduled for April and May 2020 have been cancelled. However, we will continue to facilitate re-certification and challenge exams. More information here.

Continuing Services

Pending further direction from authorities, we will continue providing our services while applying the guidelines of our Pandemic / Infectious Diseases Contingency Plan and Emergency Response Plan. Our services include:

EHSP’s team of Professional Engineers, Certified Industrial Hygienists, Registered Occupational Hygienists, Canadian Registered Safety Professionals, Certified Health and Safety Consultants, and Canadian Risk Managers are here to help from our Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Winnipeg locations.

We are closely monitoring the evolving situation to ensure that we are providing clients the most up to date guidance.

For more information on how we can help you at this time, please contact us at or at 1.877.243.6838.

An Update on Our Operations from EHSP’s Partners

EHS Partnerships Ltd. (EHSP) will continue operations, helping clients in all of our locations. We have established control measures to keep our employees, contractors, and clients safe, and we are actively monitoring the rapidly changing conditions.

Our Pandemic / Infectious Diseases Contingency Plan and Emergency Response Plan have been activated and we are following the advice and guidance provided by national and local authorities. Our current work practices include:

  • Encouraging staff to work from home as much as possible to minimize contact and contamination. Our employees are well-equipped with all the necessary tools to work remotely.
  • Working with clients to arrange meetings via phone conference and video calls in place of face-to-face meetings.
  • Equipping employees with personal respiratory protection and other necessary personal protective equipment when attending client sites are unavoidable.
  • Implementing specialized procedures to entering and exiting the buildings and office spaces we service.
  • Providing training to staff on methods to protect themselves during this pandemic.
  • Requiring employees who recently travelled internationally to self-isolate for 14 days or stay home if they feel sick.
  • Requiring employees to self-isolate for 14 days if showing symptoms, including cough, runny nose, fever, or sore throat.

The EHSP senior leadership team meets daily to ensure that we are adapting appropriately as the situation evolves and to provide timely communication to our staff and clients. We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust our operational practices to ensure that our community remains safe.

During this difficult time, we are here to help you minimize risks and protect your employees while continuing to offer our regular services. For more information on how we are helping clients at this time, please contact us at or at 1.877.243.6838.


Glyn Jones and Paul MacKinnon

Spring Cleaning for a Cause: EHSP hosts book drive for Calgary Reads

EHSP employees got ahead on their spring cleaning and decluttered their book shelves for EHSP’s first ever Spring Book Drive, held in April 2018. The month-long event resulted in a 1 cubic metre box, filled to the brim with books. All books collected were donated to the CBC Calgary Reads Big Book Sale, a 3-day fundraising event for Calgary Reads.

Calgary Reads is a non-profit organization that helps support schools and communities to provide free books and literacy resources to children and families across Alberta. Supported by thousands of Calgarians bringing in their gently used books, the Big Book Sale is Calgary Reads’ biggest fundraiser.

The 16th annual Big Book Sale was held on May 11 – 13, 2018 at the Calgary Curling Club. Calgary Reads raised $345,000 from the event. The funds will be used year-round to support the organization’s initiatives and programs.

“Supporting this cause is a sustainable practice,” Paul MacKinnon, Partner at EHSP, said. “Children’s literacy contributes to the social sustainability of communities by bringing families together and enhancing education opportunities.”

“The book drive also aligns with EHSP’s sustainability mission. We’re maximizing the materials and resources we already have by using the books on our dusty bookshelves to help grow the minds of young readers.”

In case you missed this year’s Big Book Sale, Calgary Reads accepts gently used books throughout the year and are always welcoming more volunteers. For more information on Calgary Reads, the Big Book Sale, and how you can contribute, check out their website:

CBC Calgary Reads Big Book Sale 2018